Hey guys!

I had a blast at Ethan's session. Such a fun, relaxed guy.  I hope you enjoy looking at the images as much I did editing them.  If there is anything you'd like changed, (B&W or retouching) please let me know and I'd be happy to help.  I'd much rather edit them myself ;)

I also have no idea what to charge you as I usually do consultations and go over package pricing, (which is located under "Investment" on my website) and contracts before I take any photos.  You tell me what you want to pay and we'll do it that way.

So, I am going to send you a link to download your images like I did with the Down River photos.

Also, If you let me know which image you'd like to use for the yearbook I can resize and sharpen it for you.  The Lab I use is calibrated to my monitor so that the prints turn out EXACTLY the way they're supposed to and the quality of the paper is amazing! Their wallets are really nice too!  They come with rounded corners and in a little box to carry them in.  I'm not as concerned about it with you Pete, considering your background in design; but I have tried to print from Costco in a pinch and they sometimes come out a little on the green side and a little dark.  

If you'd like to purchase any prints, then use my family discount: MY CLIENTS

Please let me know if you have any other questions!