Lauren-Class of 2015 Shadle High

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Subject: Spanish

Favorite Ice Cream: Peanut Butter

Indoors or Outdoors: Outdoors

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The Movies or a Nature Hike: Hike

Fashion Idol: Nope

One Word to Describe your Style?: Natural

Favorite Quote: “Only those who risk going too far can find out how far they can go.” -Anonymous

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9 + = fifteen

Jenny – Class of 2015 Mead High

I took Jenny out for a quick little mini-session on what ended up being a very smoggy smokey evening.  We were both wondering how the photos would turn out!  Well, to my happy surprise, she looks just as beautiful as she did in real life!

JP-24 JP-18 JP-25 JP-26 JP-21 JP-27 JP-19 JP-28 JP-29

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eight + = 15

Best Friends Allie and Emily – Class of 2015 Shadle High

Allie and Emily have been best friends for 5 years and they are SO MUCH FUN to be around!  I just giggled the entire time we were together; they are hilarious.  Can’t wait to see were life takes you two.

Why are you best friends?

Allie – “We’re literally the same person. We have the same humor and she knows EVERYTHING about me, like, all of my likes and dislikes.”

Emily – “Allie and I are alike is some ways, and different in others, so we have a good balanced friendship.”

What’s the best thing about Emily?

Allie – “She would drop anything she’s doing to help me, and she’ll take care of everything if I need help.  She’s just one of the most caring people I know.

Emily – “The very best thing about Allie is her humor.” blessedgramcolA&EBP02blessedgramcol-2 A&EBP04A&EBP06blessedgramcol-3A&EBP07blessedgramcol-4A&EBP08A&EBP10blessedgramcol-5A&EBP12A&EBP13blessedgramcol-6A&EBP15A&EBP20A&EBP16A&EBP17A&EBP19blessedgramcol-11blessedgramcol-12A&EBP25blessedgramcol-13A&EBP28blessedgramcol-14A&EBP30blessedgramcol-15blessedgramcol-16A&EBP32blessedgramcol-17blessedgramcol-18A&EBP35A&EBP37blessedgramcol-19blessedgramcol-20A&EBP39A&EBP40A&EBP42

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