Monthly Archives: August 2014

Savannah-Class of 2015

Favorite Food: All Food Favorite Color: Coral  Place to Shop: Pacsun Favorite Subject: English Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough What would you like to major in?: Psychology Indoors or Outdoors: Outdoors Movies or a Nature Hike: Nature Hike Fashion Idea: No Idea One Thing About Yourself People Wouldn’t know Just by Looking at You:  I love to sing Favorite Quote:  “The things your… Read more »

Lauren-Class of 2015 Shadle High

Favorite Color: Yellow Favorite Subject: Spanish Favorite Ice Cream: Peanut Butter Indoors or Outdoors: Outdoors   The Movies or a Nature Hike: Hike Fashion Idol: Nope One Word to Describe your Style?: Natural Favorite Quote: “Only those who risk going too far can find out how far they can go.” -Anonymous

Jenny – Class of 2015 Mead High

I took Jenny out for a quick little mini-session on what ended up being a very smoggy smokey evening.  We were both wondering how the photos would turn out!  Well, to my happy surprise, she looks just as beautiful as she did in real life!