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Marilee-class of 2015

Favorite Food: Spaghetti Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Place to Shop: Urban Outfitters Best Subject in School: English.  I love writing! Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Brownie What do you want to major in?: Interior design/event planning Indoors or Outdoors?: Outdoors   Texting or Calling? BOTH! The Movies or Nature Hike?: Nature Hike One Word to Describe Your… Read more »

Elizabeth-Class of 2015

Favorite Food: Eggplant Parmesan  Favorite Color: Teal Place to Shop: Nordstrom Favorite Subject: English Favorite Ice Cream: Huckleberry What do you want to major in: Political Science Indoors or Outdoors: Outdoors Texting or Calling: Texting One word to describe you: Classic What do you do after school? Debate, shopping, baking Tell us one thing about yourself we would never know… Read more »

Savannah-Class of 2015

Favorite Food: All Food Favorite Color: Coral  Place to Shop: Pacsun Favorite Subject: English Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough What would you like to major in?: Psychology Indoors or Outdoors: Outdoors Movies or a Nature Hike: Nature Hike Fashion Idea: No Idea One Thing About Yourself People Wouldn’t know Just by Looking at You:  I love to sing Favorite Quote:  “The things your… Read more »